ProSoil: A Global Soil Conservation and Rehabilitation Programme to Promote Food Security

The amount of fertile soil that is lost worldwide every year recently equalled around a third of the area of Germany, and it continues to grow. This has serious consequences for both the global food supply and the climate. The arid regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America are the hardest hit. It is here that the people who live from agriculture suffer the most, as their fields provide the food they need to survive. In addition, fertile soils are the second largest carbon reservoir after the world's oceans, which makes them indispensable for climate protection. This is why concepts are needed that utilise the soil in an ecological way.

The objective of the project ProSoil is to help smallholder farmers to learn how to apply climate-friendly, agroecological methods to protect their land from soil erosion and to restore and maintain soil fertility. To this end, WOCAT has supported the documentation and exchange of best practice in the seven project countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Tunisia.

Best practices from all project countires


ProSo(i)l Madagascar

Discover good practices from Madagascar documented with the WOCAT Questionnaire on SLM technologies and watch the documentary on "Agroecology: Farming approach for the Future" produced by WOCAT Consortium Partner GIZ.

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Burkina Faso





About ProSoil

About ProSoil

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