UNCCD recognition

In early 2014, WOCAT’s growth and ongoing improvement culminated in official recognition by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) as the primary recommended database for SLM best practices and adaptation measures. The UNCCD recognition gives WOCAT the mandate to support the 196 signatory countries in recording their SLM best practices and using the SLM knowledge of stakeholders worldwide – from land users to decision-makers – to improve local land management.

PRAIS data

SLM best practices that countries had previously reported through the UNCCD reporting platform (PRAIS) were integrated into the WOCAT Database. For sharing new best practices all UNCCD stakeholders are encouraged to do that through the WOCAT database.

UNCCD Knowledge Hub

WOCAT SLM practices and WOCAT publications are channeled through the UNCCD Knowledge Hub.

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UNCCD training material

The UNCCD training material helps UNCCD users to understand the WOCAT process of documentation and evaluation of good practices in SLM.

WOCAT SLM Practices guide for UNCCD stakeholders

Author: WOCAT, UNCCD, Year: 2017, Languages: English

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Global SLM Database

Discover the Global SLM Database, recommended by UNCCD

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UNCCD Knowledge Hub and its collaboration with WOCAT

The UNCCD Knowledge Hub presents best practices in Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices in collaboration with WOCAT.

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