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WOCAT is a global network on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) that promotes the documentation, sharing and use of knowledge to support adaptation, innovation and decision-making in SLM.


Desertification and Drought Day (DDD) 2024

On the DDD we emphasize the transformative power of Sustainable Land Management to avoid, reduce, and reverse land degradation. This year's global observance is hosted in Bonn, Germany, through the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by GIZ, bringing together civil society, international organisations, private sector, academia and government responsible for cooperation and action. Nicole Harari from the WOCAT Executive Team will discuss about building a sustainable future for the next generations by learning from experiences and best practices.

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ProSoil events for Desertification and Drought Day 2024

Related to this year's Desertification and Drought Day, GIZ ProSoil is organizing three online Events:

12 June: Assessing the Economics of Land Degradation: A case study from Tunisia. More infos

25 June: Lessons from a decade of implementing a transformative approach to soil protection and rehabilitation in Benin. More info

5 July: 10 Years of ProSoil: Sharing knowledge on good practices in soil protection and rehabilitation through the WOCAT Database. More infos

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FAO Drylands Summer School 2024

Sharing a common vision over rangelands, FAO and several key partner such as CIFOR-ICRAF, WOCAT, IUCN, SLU, ARC, and IYRP, proudly announce the launch of the 2nd Drylands Summer School. The Summer School is funded by the UNCCD's G20 GLI and will take place at the CIFOR-ICRAF Campus in Nairobi, Kenya, from 12-15 September 2024. It targets experts, planners and policy makers who have expertise or operational responsibilities in management of drylands production systems. The focus of this second edition is on monitoring drylands and agrosilvopastoral systems towards climate change and sustainability. The deadline for receiving application forms is 5 July, 2024.

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WOCAT Multi-Donor Trust Fund for SLM

On the occasion of Desertification and Drought Day 2024, we are pleased to announce the new WOCAT Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Sustainable Land Management.

This fund will serve as a sustainable funding mechanism, consolidating various sources to streamline WOCAT's global and regional operations and enhance management efficiency. It will particularly strengthen the establishment of new WOCAT regional clusters and support small, innovative SLM projects on the ground. The fund is currently being established and will be officially launched at the UNCCD COP16 in Riyadh in December 2024.

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New UNU-EHS Policy Report

The United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) report "The contribution of land and water management approaches to Sustainable Land Management and achieving Land Degradation Neutrality" is out now. This report is a direct response to the UNCCD Decision 19/COP.15/23/Add.1. It was implemented by UNU-EHS in close collaboration with UNCCD and with contribution of WOCAT.

A scientific paper will follow.

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GEO-LDN WG4: Decision Support

GEO-LDN has launched Working Group 4: Decision Support, placed at the interface between science and policy. WG4 is designed to support the integration of global, national and local contexts into the use of tools and geospatial datasets and is dedicated to support robust and sustainable Earth observation value chains that provide co-designed Earth insights, knowledge and intelligence for policy and decision making.
You can join WG4 through this form.

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New publication on DS-SLM in Uzbekistan

Mainstreaming SLM into national and/or subnational agricultural plans, policies and programmes can be a challenge, as can supporting evidence-based strategy formulation at national level through the use of a decision-support system and appropriate tools. This report summarizes the main findings from the implementation of the project “Decision Support for Mainstreaming and Scaling up of Sustainable Land Management (DS-SLM)” in Uzbekistan, by applying the framework for decision support (DSF), which integrates land degradation assessments, SLM implementation, SLM mainstreaming and scaling-out, and knowledge management for informed decision-making at local, subnational and national levels. The results of the project, as well as the mainstreaming strategy developed, can serve as a guide for decision-makers in developing landscape interventions, as well as programmes on natural resource management that will build the resilience of communities.

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New publication on Aralkum Desert

Former partner of WOCAT for Central Asia, Kristina Toderich, is co-autor of the new publication on the Aralkum Desert. The publication is the result of a collaboration between the Arid Land Research Center (ALRC), the International Platform for Dryland Research and Education (IPDRE), Tottori University, and researchers in Uzbekistan. After the Aral Sea having dried up due to human activities, a new ecosystem called Aralkum Desert has emerged. In this book, the authors describe the use of salt-tolerant plants and the possible introduction into a saline agricultural production system.

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WOCAT related UNCCD COP15 decisions

Five COP15 decisions highlight the role of WOCAT in supporting knowledge sharing, generating SLM good practices data and developing capacities of UNCCD stakeholders.

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WOCAT supports LDN

“Land degradation neutrality” means the maintenance and increase of the amount of healthy and productive land resources, in line with national development priorities.

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Global SLM Database

The Global Database on SLM contains a vast range of good practices from all over the world and is the primary recommended database by UNCCD.

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SLM knowledge products

Are you looking for global or national good SLM practices compilations, guidelines, videos, factsheets, papers or other media?

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