Join the WOCAT Global Network as an Organization or an Individual Expert

Organizational Membership

The Organizational Members are collective and recognized entities meaningfully engaged in SLM. They constitute the WOCAT Global Network and available in their institutional capacity to engage with WOCAT initiatives and developments at global, regional or local level. A distinguished Organizational Member may connect with or be requested to partake in the WOCAT Regional Clusters.

  • Organizational Members participate, in their respective capacities, in the WOCAT Network.
  • Organizational Members meet at Global Network Meetings every two years, nominating at least one participant on a self-funded basis.
  • Organizational Member operates and makes decisions in an autonomous, decentralized, and self-funded way.
  • Organizational Members contribute to the global WOCAT knowledge base and database by sharing information products, data or other materials with the Secretariat, mantaining any right and property.

To join the WOCAT Global Network as an Organizational Member, download and compile the application below (WOCAT - MoU for Organizational Membership) in all of its parts, then share it back via email at in either .docx or .pdf formats.

Digital signature of the applications is currently not required.
The requests will be revised and processed in order of arrival. 
There is currently no deadline for the requests to be sent, however please make sure to include an active and supervised email address as it will be used for internal communication about the request to speed up the revision process.

Download and compile the "MoU for Organizational Membership" in English.

Descargue y compile el "MoU for Organizational Membership" en Español.

Téléchargez et compilez le "MoU for Organizational Membership" en Français.

Individual Membership

The Individual Member is an SLM professional or expert with proven experience and recorded expertise, affiliated to an Organizational Member or independent, available in their personal capacity to engage with WOCAT initiatives and developments at global, regional or local level. A distinguished Individual Member may apply or be requested to join the WOCAT Roster of Experts.

Available soon.