In large watersheds such as the Cusiana watershed, there are complex and diverse onsite and cumulative offsite impacts of land management in each ecosystem (ranging from Andean Páramo at 4000 m, to the cloud forests at 2000 m, to savannah lowlands at 200 m).

Policy Brief

The iIllustrated Policy Brief presents for this case study the main impacts of SLM both on- and offsite with facts, figures and latest insights. It shows key messages, and the implications for practice, policy and research.

Land Use Change Impacts in the Cusiana Watershed of the River Basin, Orinoco River Basin, Colombia

Author: Liniger HP, Vega LF, Ramírez BH, Eichenberger J, Year: 2020, Languages: English

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SLM Technologies and Approaches

The most promising SLM Technologies and SLM Approaches with a range of benefits both on-site and offsite were documented using the WOCAT SLM Technologies and Approaches Questionnaire and Database

Sustainable traditional native bee (Melipona favosa) keeping (Colombia)

Native stingless bee keeping (Melipona favosa) protects bees and plants found in forest and savannah ecosystems to produce honey.

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Agroforestry system of cacao and gallery forest (Colombia)

Agroforestry system of cacao crop under gallery forest shadow as family agriculture. It is located at the foothill ecosystem of the Andes, in the Cusiana River, Orinoco Watershed, Colombia.

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Land Use Change Impacts in the Cusiana Watershed of the River Basin, Orinoco River Basin, Colombia

In the large watershed of the Cusiana River in Colombia, land management from the Paramo in the Andes to the cloud forests and the savannah lowlands affects the behaviour of the river - changing their flows and affecting people and the ecosystem downstream. Introduction to the complex challenge to relate changes observed in the lowlands to change of the land management upstream. Impressive landscape images.





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