WOCAT External Evaluation Report 2019

WOCAT has since its launch in 1992 generated an array of outputs that need to be reviewed in terms of quality, relevance and user friendliness. This includes the Global WOCAT SLM database, tools, methods, books and articles. Since the last review in 2011, the WOCAT network has been strengthened and the adequacy and efficiency of the new set-up is evaluated. The evaluation also has a strong focus on assessing the impacts that WOCAT has achieved after more than 25 years of operation. A combination of methods was used, including documentation review, a questionnaire survey sent out to the entire network, semi-structured interviews with key informants, participation in the 19th global WOCAT Network Meeting in mid-May 2019, and field visits to four countries.

Lead evaluator: Anna Tengberg

 Co-evaluators: Cryton Zazu & Hanan Seid


WOCAT Evaluation Report 2019
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WOCAT Evaluation Report 2020