Thai Best Practices Book

In the framework of the FAO DS-SLM project, Thailand has published its good practices addressing soil erosion as well as saline and sodic soils in Thai language. 

The goal of the compendium is to strengthen the contributions of SLM methodological assessments, tools and knowledge to support and solve the problem of desertification, land degradation and drought and key decision-making processes for the uptake of SLM country best practices in long-term support for the implementation of SLM by an integration with national, sub-national, and local actions.

Editor: Research and Development for Land Management Division, Land Development Department

Some of the practices have also been translated into English, e.g.: 

Continuous bench terrace in high sloping area for tea plantation

Utilization of continuous bench terrace (3 meters based) as sustainable soil and water conservation measure for tea plantation in slopping area of the northern Thailand

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Promotion of Organic Tea Production under Bench Terraces

Promotion of continuous bench terraces for sustainable tea plantations in steep areas of the northern region highlands.

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Visit the WOCAT SLM Database for more Thai practices published in English.

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