Where the land is greener

Case studies and analysis of soil and water conservation initiatives worldwide

The WOCAT book 'where the land is greener - case studies and analysis of soil and water conservation initiatives worldwide' has been published in 2007 and:

  • contains an extensive range of case studies from around the world: 42 soil and water conservation technologies and 28 approaches in total
  • provides a detailed analysis of the case studies under ‘technologies’ and ‘approaches’ and policy points for decision makers and donors
  • is a prototype and sets new standards for systematic documentation, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge on sustainable land management
  • addresses global concerns such as desertification, poverty, water scarcity and conflict

For nationals of ACP (Africa Caribbean, Pacific) countries working in agriculture and rural development, to receive the printed publication for free please see www.cta.int or write to CTA, BP 173, 6700 AD Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Co-published by CTA, UNEP, FAO and CDE (2007)






Where the land is greener cover
Practices documented in the Global SLM Database

The practices documented in the publication can also be viewed in the WOCAT Global SLM Database.

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