Sistematización de prácticas de conservación de suelos y aguas para para la adaptación al cambio climático

The WOCAT team at FAO’s regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean published a regional module of the Technology questionnaire (QT). The module is based on the original QT but adapted to the Latin-American conditions and combined with the module for climate change. The new module will hopefully be experienced as more concise and user friendly. Another novelty is the separation of the instructions on how to fill in the questionnaire from the actual questions. The instructions are instead presented in an annex in order to obtain a shorter questionnaire that is easier to overlook.

The publication of the module describes how the original questionnaire was adapted to the regional conditions and tested in some pilot cases, how it later was revised during a regional workshop and finally applied by independent experts to real cases in Latin America, resulting in 12 new practices systematized. The publication also contains a summary of those practices.

For the moment the team is continuing the improvement of the questionnaire by applying it to more practices in Latin America and the Caribbean. A current idea is to try the module on unconventional practices, such as aquaculture and those containing livestock holding, in order to better understand its strengths and weaknesses.  

Some of the upcoming activities involve taking part of the development of the WOCAT light version and planning a second regional WOCAT workshop in order to continue the improvement of the questionnaire.

FAO, Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (2014)