Categorization of SWC Technologies and Approaches – a global need?

Hanspeter Liniger, Dennis Cahill, Will Critchley, Donald Thomas, Godert van Lynden & Gudrun Schwilch (2002)

Within the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) program, local achievements in improved soil and water management are documented and exchanged in order to make better use of existing knowledge. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge, common “tools” and a common “language” are required. Consistent terms for soil and water conservation (SWC) technologies and approaches are not used. In fact, no globally approved or endorsed system exists for categorization or terminology.

The SWC technology categorization system proposed in this paper is still in a preliminary stage and improvements are needed. The aim of this paper is to present the results so far and initiate a reaction by the international SWC community in order to improve the system such that the system is practicable and useful for the exchange of experience and for better implementation of SWC world-wide.


categorization of SWC technologies and approaches a global need..PNG