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Here you find the most relevant WOCAT documentation and analysis on a global and/ or regional level.

Fields of Harmony: Pulses and Sustainable Land Management

Author: Nekesa, T., Jaquet, S., Calles, T., Katsir, S., Vollmann Tinoco, V., Year: 2024, Languages: English

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Promoting sustainable land management through evidence-based decision support - A guide with country insights

Author: Harari, N., Mekdaschi Studer, R., Bastidas Fegan, S., Schlingloff, S., Brès, A., Year: 2023, Languages: English

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RESTORING LIFE TO THE LAND - The Role of Sustainable Land Management in Ecosystem Restoration

Author: William Critchley, Nicole Harari and Rima Mekdaschi-Studer, Year: 2021, Languages: English

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Sustainable rangeland management in Sub-Saharan Africa - Guidelines to good practice

Author: Liniger, HP. and Mekdaschi Studer, R., Year: 2019, Languages: English

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The new decision support system TRENDS.EARTH

Author: WOCAT Secretariat, Year: 2018, Languages: English

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World Atlas fo Desertification (WAD)

Twenty years have passed since the last atlas of desertification was published. Within that short period, the environment has undergone enormous global changes due largely to human activities. Fortunately, because of the massive increase and growth in the availability of global and regional datasets – and the tools necessary to analyse them – significant progress has been made in understanding human-environment interactions. WAD3 thus begins at a very different place than WAD2 in terms of scientific information and understanding. That said, we are also confronted by the rapidly growing appreciation of the complexity of the land degradation phenomenon and all the human factors that both drive it and are derived from it. As a consequence, WAD3 offers an approach that accommodates and embraces these complexities and provides an information framework from which to pursue solutions that fit specific local situations. WOCAT has contributed seven pages on solutions in this Atlas representing some insights from analysis of the Global SLM Database and with a focus on Central Asia as well as a number of nice photographs spread within the Atlas.

Author: Cherlet, M., Hutchinson, C., Reynolds, J., Hill, J., Sommer, S., von Maltitz, G. (Eds.), World Atlas of Desertification, Publication Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018. The full version of this atlas will be available online at: http://wad.jr, Year: 2018, Languages: English

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Making sense of research for sustainable land management

Author: Liniger, HP., Mekdaschi Studer, R., Moll, P., Zander, U., Year: 2016 2017, Languages: English, Malagasy, Portuguese Publisher: CDE, University of Bern, Switzerland and UFZ, Leipzig, Germany, Year: 2016, Languages: English

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Where the land is greener

Author: WOCAT, Year: 2007, Languages: English, French, Spanish

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Sustainable Land Management in Practice - Guidelines and Best Practices for Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Hanspeter Liniger, Rima Mekdaschi Studer, Christine Hauert, and Mats Gurtner, Year: 2011, Languages: English, French

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Desire for Greener Land - Options for Sustainable Land Management in Drylands

Author: Gudrun Schwilch, Rudi Hessel, and Simone Verzandvoort, Year: 2012, Languages: English

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Water Harvesting - Guidelines to Good Practices

Author: Rima Mekdaschi Studer and Hanspeter Liniger, Year: 2013, Languages: English, French

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Sistematización de prácticas de conservación de suelos y aguas para para la adaptación al cambio climático

Author: FAO, Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura, Year: 2014, Languages: Spanish

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