SLM knowledge products

Based on WOCAT tools and methods, various knowledge products have been produced in cooperation with various partners. These knowledge products help people involved in sustainable land management (SLM) identify suitable technologies and approaches, determine priority areas for intervention, and make informed decisions at the local/ landscape/ watershed, (sub-)national, and global level.

Global WOCAT SLM Database

The Global SLM Database contains a full range of different case studies and maps from all over the world.

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Global and regional books

This section contains books addressing WOCAT-related issues at a global and regional level.

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National books and factsheets

This section contains books and fact sheets on WOCAT-related issues at national level.

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This section contains articles on WOCAT-related issues.

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SLM videos

WOCAT and its partners have produced several SLM videos, either directly related to a SLM Technology or Approach or general videos about SLM. Additional SLM videos can be watched on the platform of the WOCAT partner Access Agriculture.

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WOCATpedia Community Platform is a wiki-based knowledge platform related to the WOCAT Network.

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Master thesis

This section contains finalized Master thesis with a link to SLM and / or WOCAT.

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Recent publications

RESTORING LIFE TO THE LAND - The Role of Sustainable Land Management in Ecosystem Restoration

Author: William Critchley, Nicole Harari and Rima Mekdaschi-Studer, Year: 2021, Languages: English

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